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European Journal of Political Culture is a multi-, and interdisciplinar, peer-reviewed, open access, academic research journal in political culture theory and political culture research methodologies.

The journal aims at publishing disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in political culture. The journal is open to both theoretical and methodological and experimental approaches to political culture which address the complex relationship between the citizens and the political leadership, institutions, governments and the state. Ontological and epistemological approaches on political culture theory are highly appreciated. Methodological approaches which employ the advanced technologies of the artificial, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Artificial Life and Autonomous Agents, artificial (political) cultures, artificial societies and artificial polities are welcome as well as the methodologies of modelling and simulation, big data and text analysis, web semantics and social media, political anticipation and anticipatory systems, narratives or crowdsourcing.

European Journal of Political Culture is issued on a biannual basis: Spring Issue (June); Fall Issue (November). EJPC publishes original papers, review papers, and book reviews. It features special issues on key research themes.

European Journal of Political Culture is jointly published on the OJS/PKP platform of the University of Bucharest by the European Research Center for Political Culture (EPCAM) of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, and the European Political Culture Association (EPCA).


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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Interdisciplinary Political Culture Research
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