About the Journal

Focus and Scope

European Journal of Political Culture addresses research areas concerned with the complex relationships between individuals, cultures, societies and polities. Societal and polity dynamics have been challenged by complex issues like climate change, security threats or natural catastrophes. Resilience against threats has been a major concern in both social and political science. Citizens as well as states and governments are undergoing major transformations of their classic environments. Resource management or public health issues have become major challenges for individual agents, institutions, states and societies. In volatile contexts, political cultures undergo shifts of focus, and changes of expressions and goals which are deeply connected to the complex social and political change. 

The journal aims at publishing multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in political culture and connected areas. The journal is open to theoretical and methodological approaches to political culture which address the complex relationship between the citizens and the political power, political leadership, institutions, government and the state.

The journal welcomes disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in, and between, the following areas: political culture theory, state and governance, citizenship, democracy, contentious politics, corruption, international relations and peacebuilding, migration studies, religion studies, resilience science, resource management and polycentric governance, communication, internet and social media.

The journal is open to original papers on political culture research methodologies and welcomes approaches which employ modelling and siimulation as well as the advanced technologies of the artificial: modelling and simulation, big data, web semantics, content analysis, discourse analysis, machine learning, political anticipation, anticipatory systems, complex systems.


History of the Journal

European Journal of Political Culture continues the tradition and upgrades the publishing experience of the European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities  which has been created in 2012 by the European Research Group on Political Attitudes and Mentalities (EPAM) and tentatively covered ever since the interest toward political culture research in the Eastern European academic space.

The journal advances the study of political cultures in Europe with a special focus on the ex-communist societies and polities in the eastern half of Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The journal is open to research in political culture mainstream research addressing values, beliefs and attitudes toward governance, political leadership and institutions. It is also open to political culture approaches which address new issues and paradigms concerning political participation, the emergence of political subcultures, or the impact of social media all over the world.


Privacy Statement

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